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Marry Me! <br><span class="subtitle">Beautiful Proposals</span>

Marry Me!
Beautiful Proposals

Marry Me!

Brisbane Proposals

Are you planning to propose? We can help you with the ultimate Brisbane romantic proposal!

With our gorgeous decor, we can set up in your nominated Brisbane location (and we can help you choose a riverfront view!) and create something that will take your partner’s breath away! Our gorgeous proposal packages “Marry Me” can include all the bells and whistles! Light up MARRY ME letters by Event Letters, a symphony of pillars, florals, candles and more.

Choose our package to include a professional photographer to capture that special moment, a cheese platter and bottle of champagne to toast and be guaranteed you have a professional team behind the scenes to execute this momentous occasion.

Call us to tailor an incredible and bespoke proposal to your loved one. As wedding event stylists, we know how to create the most amazing moments.

We can’t wait to help you!

Photographer: Pelizzari Photography & Film

Letters: Event Letters

Catering: Chez Nous Corporate

Hair / Makeup: Bella Brides